Extratxt Upon a path wet with unprocessed filigree He shunted his neighbour's wife for a bucket of Humming bees Her purple tongue moaning with faint ullulation Swallowing yesterday's consternation Just for fun
Silent Seas
Some time and a little care Bolstered high and forebearing no quiet moment To squeeze upon the shore An infinity of shape Delightful and opaque Confected undulations upon a vagrant heart Satrap embrace Brought convivial privilege Across a languid lawn Stretched forlorn and equivocal Far from meandering sentience Steering a path straight and true Half way to paradise Sometimes I wish I was a penguin Flying under the waves of silent seas
Face Away
You and me together is never gonna rhyme You and me together can never be in time Only there where never bends The unimagined I There in night’s fell sigh She waits incandescent Poised delinquent and complete
Centaur Aloft
Sun you under a sultry sky Riddled with shame and quiet grief Stretched between strands of contentment Like a sigh she sat And run upon by winds Contained all imagination Frailty caste aside
City Boy
Upon a river going nowhere at all Shone like a mirror dark and gilded on the wall Empty with no reflection What story there What storm before a fall
City boy sitting in far away places Where the past flies buried unseen Found deep in forgotten traces Remnants of deeds untold Skin is the only thing I’m in I’m in Was all he could think or swim Upon her ocean’s tender sleep
Ripped apart by unseasonable temptations She stepped like a whisper into the howl of a gale Tossed upon a bedlam sea She dreamed a life entire Of candlesticks and turtledoves And sweet fulfilled desire But merely discourteous His lips steel Feigned a monstrous sympathy To ooze worthless sentience Upon her fearful eye
The rise of the bell In short sharp steps Sent rivers of blame Into high dark sets Tumbling down her wicked ways Till an unrepentant Sun Sang Sweetly To its dying day Sliding past floors Unvisited in night’s bright trespass
Leaner than long And sweeter than strong Standing as One they stared But no tension could find No awkward surmise Could lead them away from heaven Succinct in serenity She walks toward me Her heart unburdened with cloud The sadness of memories Unstained and quiet free
Like rippling curtains of colour Across a darkly dormant land Her Being scatters Intimations of fine feelings And impossible delight While undoing all her fixtures Easing into yet another wave Of possibilities Always at the tip of Spring Fitting her infinity into tiny cups Of pretty porcelained passion And with the wings of memory We dress our earthbound self Soaring to imagination’s Clear light
Pernicious waffle she says Will be the making of a tale Too tall to tell Too small to sell But turned on a whisper Whose breath entranced appetites fading whim And before shards of exhausted light did melt The sight of her percussive sensibility She learned of her sister’s art And found the test too lame To stir her sorry heart
She stood contumaceous at the wall Her shape resistant but finessed Pondered a second take Then Meandered slowly on Wistfully becalmed upon ideas From another time Beep beep beep
Orange lozenge brightly beveled Momently still before an aching sigh Cornered with ease Her delicate smile It’s gleam untempered Sentiment thinly woven Before an arc of winter’s triumph Swept across her brow Breathless and parched No sense of the line across Narrow jangled seas But travelled on Blind and forgiving Upon an incoming tide Close upon breath’s flight Into places beyond delicacy She merely shone her sharp edged sensibility To empty poses starved of shadow Glaring indelible Wishing only for another spark Sharp upon a moonlit man And his impertinant impermanence Waiting waiting Expectant Hungry for saturation’s Inevitable chagrin Stripped aside and ginger of excess Lay down Feted then forgotten
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