Cold Sweat & Old Winds
It’s a cold sweat creeping down the valley Streaming in my brain It’s a cold sweat sweeping all before it Gathers blind momentum in the rain It was a cold sweat Hears a  mother cryin’ As her baby turns to jelly in the wind Blows no bastard any comfort Eats away their hope and dumps it On the lazy common ground along the way. It’s an old wind That sweats its hungry hour upon the stage Hides its shadows from the many Where no innocents find shelter And where fields of fallen flowers stain her gaze It’s a cold sweat With blinding monstrous arrows Counting only few survivors As hollow eyed empty leaders strut arrogantly Across the land.
So breathe again my brothers breathe again Take heart as the few become the many Rise up and spread your bold intent Your strong desire and your deep lament Then all will be remembered in the end.
It’s an old wind that murders its neighbours And any one else it doesn’t like It’s an old wind, spreads silent hatred Spills precious blood for petty spite It’s a cold sweat Warps the population inviting dumb invasion Fucked up and drunk deluded All cut with ice-cold fear and twisted smiles