A new series of pictures beginning in May 2017. The works are a continuation of my preferred method. No preliminary content ideas have guided the shaping of these pictures. I’m not painting conscious ideas. They are entirely random in their execution. Descriptions are de facto constructions.
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Anima A representation of my female self which is at the same time a composite of an ancient evolutionary history embodying both a personal and impersonal profile, the finite and the infinite. Her slightly Puckish persona wishes to say by her tightly crossed legs that she has nothing to do with Eros, the sexual daemon. The two birds are the binary conscious self diving towards a portal to the timeless Unconscious seen at the bottom of frame. 720x860mm. Acrylic on canvas
Dreaming The bird has arrived within the Unconscious and begins to see (its beak in the place of an eye) as a heroic occupant of the infinite world. Delineation between the dreaming and waking states is described at the top of the picture where a line of hills, (a profile of a recumbant figure) lies… 620x810mm Acrylic on canvas
Contemplate Here, the psyche imagined in roughly equal parts to its two component functions. The painting describes a funnel-like portal into the lower space/time free component which contains fragments and intimations of essential energies. 880x680mm Acrylic on canvas
Immersed Conscious self now fully immersed in the undifferentiated body of the Unconscious as it contemplates what treasures it might retrieve… 710x880mm Acrylic on canvas
She Waits… Eternally patient. 900x1000mm Acrylic on canvas
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Aurum Viriditas 840x1010mm Acrylic on canvas
Duet + Audience 1000x800mm Acrylic on canvas July 2017
Astral Girls 1000x800mm Acrylic on canvas July 2017